What is Loop?

Loop is CBA’s new and edgy financial service designed for the mobile first customer. It targets anyone looking to change their typical banking experience and consolidates all their financial transactions into one neat application.

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What will Loop do for me?

You know how opening an account means a stack of documents and a minimum of three signatures on each form?  Loop completely eliminates this and provides a quick and easy registration process that culminates in a fully functional bank account.

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How do I join Loop?

No queues and no fuss. Open a CBA Loop account today from anywhere and at any time.

  1. Download CBA Loop App on Google Play store or IOS App Store or register here
  2. Collect your CBA Loop debit card from any of our swanky Loop stores.
  3. Load money into your CBA Loop account and enjoy the convenience of banking anywhere, anytime.
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Loop Send Money

With Loop you can conveniently transfer money, through your preferred channel at your preferred cost.  What’s even more interesting is that you can categorise each payment you make and see where your money goes each month.

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Loop Pay Bill

Paying your bills can be a painful and tedious process.  Loop understands this and has designed a Pay Bill feature that is fast and easy. Make all your bill payments through Loop and analyse your running expenses month on month.

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Loop PFM

Ever wondered how you spent all your money? Loop saves you the hassle of trying to reconcile your receipts every month. Track, plan and analyze your income against your expenditure on a regular basis with Loop’s personal finance management.

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Loop Invest

Whether you have a little or a lot left once you’ve taken care of business, you can invest it on Loop. CBA Loop invest offers you a smart, straightforward and simple way to make the most of your money.

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Loop Goals

No matter where you are in life, you’ve got financial goals you want to achieve. Loop will give you the tools to plan and organise your personal goals and aspirations over a given period.

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Tell a Friend

Spread the Loop love by telling your friends and family about the Loop experience. Use your Loop referral code and share the fun so that everyone you know can also be in control of their finances.


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