It’s always that serious

CBA Loop enables you to set specific goals that you want to save towards.

The goal will be visually presented to show your progress against the set targets.  If you are  saving up for a deposit on that first car, Loop goals allows you to set how much you want  deducted from your account either weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually and set aside for that dream car.


How to create a Loop Goal;
1. Click on the Loop goal widget to launch the Loop goals list then click the + button on the Loop Goal list page.
2. Enter Goal Name – This field is to help you identify the goal.
3. Goal Type – Each goal must be tied to a category to identify the type of goal.
4. Goal Amount – This is a mandatory field for you to fill in the amount for the goal.
5. Start Date – This is an optional field. Should you choose not to give a start date – the current month and year is taken as the default.
6. Term of Goal – This is the period of meeting your goal.
7. Initial Amount – This is an optional field. If you choose not to provide a start amount, this amount is set to 0.
8. Goal End Date
9. Regular Payment Data – This is the regular amount, Contribution Start Date, Frequency and selection of the funding account
8. Save the goal by clicking on the save button.

You will see a notification bar at the bottom of the screen that will show that the Goal has been added successfully.