What will Loop do for me?

Loop becomes part of your lifestyle

Loop has a cool and funky look and feel which is fun to use and most importantly, you will always be proud to show it to your friends! A clean and simple navigation process makes it easy to scroll through the various in-app features and perform your various transactions.


Loop’s Personal Financial Management (PFM) feature, allows you to Track, Analyze and Plan your income against your expenditure. Imagine being able to set up a budget at the beginning of the month and then monitor your spending against that budget all month? Loop does that.

Loop makes it easy and seamless to pay your bills. For regular payments like rent you can set up debit orders and for utilities and other lifestyle purchases, the ‘Pay Bill’ feature makes the arduous task of paying bills fun and hassle-free.

For those who are looking forwards towards their long and even short term aspirations, Loop Invest and Loop Goals are ideal for you. Whether you choose to put something small aside every month or you have a lump sum you want to stash away for a period, Loop provides for this at the touch of a button.

Our elegantly designed Loop Stores complete the picture that is Loop.  Come and enjoy a cup of coffee and free Wi-Fi as you pick your Loop debit card and chat with our Loop crew who are ready to welcome you to a whole new exciting world of financial freedom.